Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Farewell 1135 SWKT.

Today was my last day working at my Research job I've had for about two years.
I was lucky to keep it all throughout the summer, but BYU has specific rules about how long you can hold positions like mine after graduating.
Alas, I could only stay working on the 11th floor of the Spencer W. Kimball Tower until August 31st.
I'm gonna miss 1135. Here's a little tour of the office I've spent many hours working (and playing) in.

Research Assistants at the Center for the Study of Election and Democracy (CSED) have amassed quite the collection of political memorabilia throughout the years. Here's just a few of my favorites.

While at CSED I've been researching for political science professor Dr. David Magleby.
It was a great job to have and also an awesome resume builder, especially if I go on to apply for political science masters programs in the future.
Basically, a research assistant just does whatever it takes to keep a professor's research moving along. That includes A LOT of editing, spell-checking, fact-checking, fact-finding, some data analysis and even some original writing.
I have helped with quite a few articles and conference papers over the last two years and a handful of books.
My name even made it into a few... looksy!

I tell Chase all the time how someday I will brain-wash our children into thinking that their mama was famous.
"Look kids! Mom's name is in this book! She's so important and awesome!"

While today certainly was bittersweet leaving the CSED office and my job in 1135, I'm excited to be moving on to bigger and better things soon.. hopefully! Will keep y'all posted.

Thursday, August 11, 2011


Last week, I celebrated a wonderful 22nd birthday.
I started off the day by bringing in yummy lemon cupcakes (w/ cream cheese frosting of course!) into work.
In the afternoon, Chasen went shopping with me... and didn't even complain!

{New heels I picked out... thanks Kent & Sandge!}

We also took a little trip to the Sandy Aquarium, which was on our Summer List.
{If you are in Utah and haven't been... GO! Such a great price for something so fun}

{Chase petting the sting ray... freaked us both out a bit!}

{Bad picture... but the penguin exhibit was the BEST part! They were zooming all over the place showing off to us! Made the whole Aquarium trip worth it.}

Finally, the husband surprised me with a fabulous dinner at The Roof in SLC.
It's on top of the Joseph Smith Building right across from the Temple.

{Gorgeous view & delicious food}

The next afternoon my husband ran off to Scout Camp for a couple of days (yes... he indeed had the time of his life) so I went up to Logan to hang with my little sis D and celebrate our birthdays.

{Old Main... original campus building}
{PS, if you kiss someone on that "A" pedestal during a full moon at midnight, you can become a True Aggie. Needless to say, Daryn is one already.}

{Breakfast at Angie's... the perfect little diner}

Sister Love!

It was a fun couple of days!
This weekend we are hoping to cross SLC Farmer's Market and the Dinosaur Exhibit off of our Summer List... keep your fingers crossed that it all goes according to plan!