Friday, September 2, 2011

Hello Baby Morgan!

So my best freind Megan is currently in labor... I think at least. When we were texting late last night she was hooked up to the monitor and said she would probably be induced by the morning. I haven't heard any news yet... so I take it that she's probably having baby Morgan right now! Well... I had to channel my excitement for baby somehow last night and this morning, so I made an inspiration board for his nursery.

A while back, Megan showed me these sheets that she was thinking they would get.

A cute little sailboat print... which possibly might lead to a sailor/nautical themed room for the little guy. Just for fun I made a little board of a nautical room, that didn't over-do the theme too much. Megan abhors anything tacky and overly-themed. She also is a fan of modern, clean design style, as indicated by her contemporary crib choice. So hopefully I didn't disappoint Meggers!

{Clarification: The blue and white striped thing under the crib is supposed to be the crib skirt although it doesn't look much like it. And the white thing on top of the square brown wall unit is a diaper changing pad.}

Hurry up and have that baby boy and get out here to Utah so I can help with the nursery set up for real! Love ya!