Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Best Friend.

Meet best friend Megan.

Once upon a time Megan and I were roomates.
Then, she was leaving for a study abroad in beautiful Paris.
I even threw her a surprise "Bon Voyage" Party

Well... little Miss Megan Barnes flew across the deep blue for Winter Semester 2009
only to be visited by Mr. Matthew Morgan on her birthday March 1st

Magic happened during the visit and voila!
They were engaged in June and married by the end of August.

Well... now the cute Morgans are
and I couldn't be more excited!

Megan, thank you for letting me be an obsessive friend and already start planning your baby shower the minute you told me and listen to me go on about how we are just going to have to fly out to Hawaii to visit the cute little thing next fall (where the Morgans will be living) so I can spoil and love the heck out of the first baby out of us girlfriends.

Baby Morgan, the McCormicks already love you, and couldn't be more thrilled for your momma and daddy... our best friends.

See you sometime after September 10th baby!

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  1. Why did the words get blurry towards the end of this post?? Oh, that's right, I have tears streaming down my face at work. Oh, and you're the best thing that ever happened to me. Oh, and I love you! (that's to both of you, Mr. McCormick) Thank you Haley Anne for being just the sweetest thing!