Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Valentine's Day 2011

Here's a few pics of the V-Day festivities...
(yeah yeah... I know this post is about 3 months late...
I would have blogged about it earlier but that was when I was going to quit blogging, duh)

Chase had work until 7:30ish on Valentine's, so we decided to just eat in.
I was in charge of dinner and he was over dessert

(yes... REAL red meat! obviously it was a special occasion)
Spinach-strawberry-mozzarella-pecan salad
French bread
(not enough time to make the garlic cheesy bread with it before Chase got home...
but worked out fabulously with oil and balsamic vinegar as an appetizer)
Restaurant style smashed potatoes from Pioneer Woman
(so good... like the quintessential "man food"-- ahem, the recipe calls for bacon)

Chase knows me well enough to understand that when I say dessert- I really mean red velvet cupcakes. Good job lovie.

Yep.. pushed the couch back all by myself and moved the table to make it fancy schmancy.
Even used our wedding china for the first time! yay!

Chase walked in from work (with red velvet cupcakes in hand), saw the surprise fancy schmancy dinner, and then came up with the idea of dressing up and putting a suit on....

JK! I was already all dressed up, however, and kindly suggested that maybe he could too.
Hey, the important thing here is that he happily complied people.
Thanks Chasen for humoring me :)

I also should mention (because those of you who know me well will laugh) that during the day I had this fabulous surprise planned out for Chase's present. You see, he was supposed to have class all morning until 12:50 where he would then have to rush to work in Spanish Fork at 1:30. Bummed though I was that we wouldn't hang out much together on Valentine's... I came up with the perfect scheme to have chocolate covered cinnamon bears, BYU creamery chocolate milk (his absolute FAV), and a large stack of dirtbike, jeep, motorcycle, and maybe one or two sports magazines waiting for him at work when he got there.

Well... the little stinker decided to skip his last class and take me out to lunch instead... RIGHT when I was planning on setting everything up perfectly at his work. In true Haley fashion, I was a bit bothered when he ruined my big plans... but then I chilled out when I saw how happy he was to see me and go get some lunch together. I didn't tell him about it and tried to shake of the disappointment of my plans being ruined, and then ended up surprising him at work with all of it a few hours later.

All in all, I got to see the husband TWO times during the day on Valentine's Day... instead of none with the big ordeal surprise.
Lesson learned for Haley: sometimes ruined "plans" actually work out better in the end.

And one last funny V-Day story:
My mom sent us up a package for Valentine's about a week beforehand.
I like surprises so much (obviously... see above) that I'd rather wait to open presents on the actual day... not snoop into packages... etc. etc., so I hadn't opened it yet.

My mom called and I said we had gotten it, but were waiting to open it. She then proceeded to tell me something like, "It's not all for this year though... maybe next."
Umm....? Huh?
Well... turns out that one item among the goodies was this:

(Toddler-sized UNLV cheer outfit)

Moral of this story:
Cheryl wants grandkids... but also can't come to terms with the fact that she's actually old enough to have grandkids... maybe she thinks she'll be ready in another year ;)

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