Sunday, January 2, 2011


So... I have been told on more than one occasion that I am what you call a "blog slacker."
And, sadly, I'll admit to that.
I started the blog right as last semester started to get busy...
(Drum roll everyone....)

Tomorrow I begin my very last semester of my undergraduate education.

That means I can finally slack off.
Really though... it's called "senioritis" - a commonly known malady that attacks even the most diligent of students during their very last semester.
I used to be one of those. Now I plan to blog.
HA... but really. I am deciding between 6 and 9 credits right now. I expect to have plenty of time to get into this blogging thing. And maybe do our laundry on time every week.
Oh and visiting teaching too.
(oopsies December... not sure what happened that month)
I promise.... this time it's for real...
SO everyone, you can stop accusing me of blog slacking already!
New Year... new resolution... new commitment to blog.

Here's a few of the fun things we've been up to since I took my last blogging hiatus:

Sometime in October/November we met THIS guy-

Coach Lon Kruger of the UNLV Runnin' Rebels.
I think this might be a happier moment for Chasen than our wedding day.
Too bad when this pic was taken I was in the middle of telling Coach that even though we're up in Utah and I go to BYU... we'll be cheering for the Rebels with a big crowd come February 5th.
Go Rebs.

December came time to decorate for Christmas!!
One of my most favorite things to do during the holiday season.

Chase claims that he married Christmas Spirit herself...
but I just say that he's actually sometimes a scrooge...
I, of course, am not the over-the-top one here.

The finished product with prettily wrapped presents:

Some more pretty Christmas decorations:

Mr. Scrooge was worried I would spend wayy too much on decorations...
so rather than buy real wreaths that I wanted so badly for our red wall,
I made two fun feather boa wreaths.
Easy: Just bend a wire clothes hanger into a circle, buy a feather boa from the craft store for about $6 and twist around the wire circle. Voila!

Also a lot cheaper than a real wreath-
Giant glittery bow from Kmart

Christmas Eve:

Chase finally couldn't wait ANY longer... so we ended up opening up our presents to each other on Christmas Eve. Well, it technically was after midnight, but still against my usual rules. It actually was kinda fun and might end up being a new tradition. We'll see.

The loot:

Chase's sweet rebel ornament I found on Ebay...
Actually made in Poland. Go figure.

I guess Chase really did end up having a very Rebel Christmas...
Along with the ornament I got him, he ended up with the new black jersey from Rebel Swag,
A rebel tee,
Pajama pants,
And new Nikes for the gym... in rebel colors.

Chasen surprised Haley with this Jazz jersey.
The result?
This is how we looked last Thursday when both the Jazz and Rebs played.
We're so cool.

New Years Eve
Chase's classy solution to keeping our sparkling cider cold 'til midnight...
Kitchen bowl + snow
Needless to say, his hands were frozen after this brilliant idea.
Wear some gloves next time love.

Happy New Year!

Little Mrs. McCormick
(and Chasen too)


  1. I'm loving your jersey, Haley. The Jazz will be in Memphis Friday, and we're so excited (but jersey-less)!

  2. Dude did you guys not go to Vegas at all?!

  3. Katie- Cheer so loud for the Jazz for us! We'll be tuning in from Orem and I will surely be wearing my jersey.

    Whity poo- Yes... but only for a few days :( boo. Chase had work. I got mad and told him before we were married I used to go home for two WHOLE weeks. LOL