Monday, July 18, 2011

Southern Utah Bride Magazine

So... in an effort to be more cool and interesting and do something exciting with my life since graduation... I recently wrote an article for the latest issue of Southern Utah Bride magazine.

Okay, okay, the editor of the magazine was our wedding photographer, Jimmy Bishop of Gideon Photography... I sort of had an in, which therefore doesn't make me THAT cool - But it still was a fun little project to undertake! I am no pro and some of the wording and style was changed a bit in the final stages before publication... which means just blame the editor if it sounds a little too cheesy or cliche ;)

Take a little looksy of the new issue here or go straight to my article on engagement shoot fashion here.


  1. GIRLFRIEND'S FAMOUS! Everyone reading the mag article should listen to your advice after seeing your engagement pics/video. Little bit butthurt YOUR pics were not showcased...........!!