Sunday, July 10, 2011


Well.. our Utah Summer List is becoming shorter--slowly but surely. In the past week or so, Chase and I have been able to knock three things off of it, but we've gotta really get a move on if we wanna complete it sometime this year.

First, we headed up to Salt Lake City for a temple session. Last summer, we had tried to do this, only to learn after driving the 40 minutes and finding parking that the temple was closed for cleaning and maintenance. This time, we made sure we were good.

Such a beautiful building. The inside is even BETTER!

A few days later, we spent an afternoon at the Lindon community pool that's about 10 minutes north of where we live. You ain't never seen a community pool like the Lindon pool. They've got a flow-rider (those surf machine thingys with the fake waves), a lazy river, and a bunch of fun other stuff. It was pretty packed since it was the Friday before a holiday weekend, but we still enjoyed a bit of sun and the Jack Johnson tunes they had playing over the sound system. I only managed to take a few pictures and no cool ones of the lazy river or flow rider. Bad Haley.

{Sorry random folk who will now be forever pictured on my blog... consider yourself famous?}

{Why do I look like my nose is suffering a 3rd degree burn? lol I promise I wasn't seriously in pain after this pool trip}

And finally we visited the restaurant "Porter's Place" in Lehi with my aunt, uncle, and cousin.
It was way cool. It totally has the rustic western frontier vibe going on. The place kinda seems like a hole in the wall, but it was fun, the food was pretty good, and the scones + honey butter were even better.

{These pics from my Vignette Camera phone app... not quite as fabulous as Instagram, but one currently doesn't exist for Androids. Boo.}

So here's where things now stand:

Eat at Porter's Place in Lehi

This is the Place Monument

Lindon Pool

Salt Lake Temple Session


Manti Mormon Miracle Pageant

Hogle Zoo
Silver Lake Hike
Mt. Timpanogas Caves
Zion National Park
Outdoor Play at Tuacahn
Black Rock at Great Salt Lake
Sandy Aquarium
Cowabunga Bay
(Fly?) Fishing (and then watch A River Runs Through It.. of course)
Visit Daryn in Logan
The Frontrunner Train & Museums
Real Salt Lake Game
Ride the Paiute Trail
Lake Powell
Dinosaur Exhibit at Thanksgiving Point
Day in Park City (Alpine Slides!)

Ummm... excuse me. Now I need to go plan when we will do the rest of these things.
Hope you all are enjoying your summers too!

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  1. Your summer list is pretty awesome.
    As are you.
    You should probably ad a trip to FLorida on there though ;)