Sunday, June 12, 2011

Utah Summer List

For the last year, Chase and I have had our ongoing (& unofficial) list of things that we want to do while we are in Utah. We've accomplished some of them here and there, but we never actually wrote them down and really tried to check them off. On a drive back from Vegas a few weekends ago, we started to make the actual list on my phone.
Well... minor problem occurred Friday night: my phone screen decided to quit working. So I am going to attempt to re-create our Utah Summer list on here. I figured that if I posted the list and blogged about our adventures, we'd have more incentive to actually follow through!
(And it'd sorta be like I'm a good journal-er... right?)

Hogle Zoo
Silver Lake Hike
Mt. Timpanogas Caves
This is the Place Monument
Zion National Park
Outdoor Play at Tuacahn
Salt Lake Temple Session
Black Rock at Great Salt Lake
Sandy Aquarium
Cowabunga Bay
(Fly?) Fishing (and then watch A River Runs Through It.. of course)
Visit Daryn in Logan
Manti Mormon Miracle Pageant
The Frontrunner Train & Museums
Real Salt Lake Game
Lindon Pool
Ride the Paiute Trail
Lake Powell
Dinosaur Exhibit at Thanksgiving Point
Day in Park City (Alpine Slides!)
Eat at Porter's Place in Lehi

*I'm probably forgetting something... so I guess I'll just add to it when I remember them.
**I'd love suggestions... please comment if you have any!

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  1. This sounds like fun! I can't wait to see you guys do these things, because there's a bunch on there I've never done. Mike and I need to do this with Memphis.