Sunday, June 5, 2011

year uno

Chase and I celebrated the big one year anniversary a few weekends ago up at The Grand America in Salt Lake.

We knew it was nice... maybe even reallyyy nice...
but I don't think we were prepared for how fancy schmancy the place actually was.
Walking through the halls, Chase kept saying how we were like walking on the Titanic.
(before the whole iceberg run-in and sinking thing, of course)
For real though. There were ladies everyday in the area that overlooks the lobby with big hats all chatting over afternoon tea. We tried hard to suppress the giggles as we walked past them.

{Fancy schmancy bathroom}

{Fancy schmancy tub AND shower... in said bathroom}

{Fancy schmancy bedroom}

{Fancy schmancy sitting room}
{With red plastic cups and sparkling cider... yeah... classy we know}

It really was a great weekend though with lots of relaxing, playing in both the indoor and outdoor pools, watching a few redboxes, and EATING for sure.

{us at the GA's famous Sunday brunch... Chase was in heaven with all of the pre-cracked crab legs}

{both pics taken at the Dodo Cafe... thanks Suz for the tip! Soo good!}

So... the traditional first anniversary gift is something "paper," apparently.
I spent forever trying to come up with something, but ended up getting Chase (well, the both of us really) this awesome Drives of a Lifetime book. It has the COOLEST drives to go on all around the world. We've always been a big fan of jumping in the truck and going for a drive.

Love, I can't wait for all of the roads still ahead of us. Happy one year anniversary!
(although it's about three weeks late on the blog post... ahem)

Continuing with all of the first year traditions... we got the top of our wedding cake from my mom who had stored it in a freezer this past year. I dunno who came up with this one, but they obviously didn't have a strawberry-shortcake wedding cake. Yuck!! The strawberries had like fermented... so gross. We both had one small bite each and called it good. Hopefully there's nothing in this tradition about eating the whole top layer. Just couldn't do it.

Overall, it was such a fun anniversary... and I'm excited for many, many more to come.
So happy to be with this guy forever. Love you Chasen Tyler.


  1. love the dodo!!!! best restaurant in slc....glad you had a great anniversary

  2. Yeah, my husband and I refused the one year cake freezing business. We knew how good our cake was and ate it on our two week anniversary ha ha. We like food too.